Josephs Storehouse Christian Ministries



Apostles Alex and Rosetta Florence

Apostles Alex & Rosetta Florence received Jesus as Lord and Savior in March of 1968 in a little Baptist church in Scarborough Ontario. Apostle Rosetta had grown up Catholic and Apostle Alex grew up Scottish Presbyterian. They moved to Canada from Aberdeen, Scotland forty years ago and have served the body of Christ in many capacities. Apostles Alex & Rosetta were called into ministry and began Pastoring Life Fellowship in 1994, which is the present day Josephs’ Storehouse Christian Ministries.

Apostles Alex and Rosetta are ordained ministers through Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in January 1996 and serve as President and Director of CI Canada under the covering of Bishop Bill Hamon since 1999. Presently they reside in Spruce Grove, Alberta where they function as Apostles to Josephs’ Storehouse Christian Ministries. They enjoy a close family relationship with their children and grandchildren. 

The Apostles’ heart is to see Pastors and People changed and charged. They desire to impart enthusiasm and passion so people know they are loved for life's transformation to take place. To love unconditionally. They also desire to provide a place of integrity for you to receive truth so clarity arises.

Apostle Rosetta’s desire is to see pastors, leaders and the body of Christ changed and charged to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Her purpose is to impart enthusiasm and passion so people will know they are loved, for life’s transformation to take place, so they can love unconditionally. 

Her ministry provides a place of integrity for individuals to receive truth for clarity to arise. Rosetta has been an intricate part of inner healing, deliverance and counseling ministry for over twenty-five years and brings a high level of integrity, knowledge and expertise to this ministry. She has had the privilege of traveling extensively throughout Canada and to several nations ministering this “life changing” healing and deliverance to hundreds of God’s precious people.